How cute is that little puppy?

When you think about bringing that puppy home, also think about your home insurance policy. Is this breed a gentle breed ? What happens if the puppy grows up and is mean? Look at this article from the Insurance Information Institute. Dog related injury claims were nearly 900 million in 2021! That cute puppy could end up costing you.

Did you know home insurance companies ask on the application "do you have any dogs and if yes, what kind?" Did you know some dog breeds are an instant decline by insurance carriers? Meaning, if they know you have a Pitt Bull or other aggressive dog breed, they will not insure you? This is not an attack on Pitt Bull dogs. Look at this article by the Keating Law Firm on the top 10 dog breeds most likely to bite. Number 7 is the cute little Chihuahua!

No One Will Know!

You might think no one will know. You are right, your current insurance company may never know unless you have a claim. When you decide to shop for new coverage you may find yourself unable to move. You might think "I won't tell them about my pit bull".

This can leave you with no coverage when you need it. We have seen a claim denied because the homeowner lied on the application and said they did not have a dog. Later their dog bites the neighbor child and a lawsuit is filed. During the investigation of the claim, it is discovered the homeowner had the dog for several years, before the homeowner moved to new insurance company. The application is pulled, and the box do you have any dogs is checked "NO".

Your Insurance is Canceled!

Misrepresentation is when a person lies or omits information when they apply for insurance. Yes, if you lie on an application, the insurance company can cancel your insurance. The insurance company can decline to pay the claim from the lawsuit leaving the homeowner with no coverage when you need it the most. This does happen. This has happened.

Everyone loves a cute puppy.

Just think about the cute puppy when it grows up. Check with your insurance agent before you buy that cute puppy to see if it will affect your current insurance policy. Check with your agent to see how other insurance companies would see your new puppy purchase. We have solutions at Carter's Insurance if you find yourself in a situation with a cute puppy and no insurance.

As independent insurance agents we represent multiple companies and we do have a solution to meet your needs.

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Written by Eddie Carter, Managing Partner
Carter's Insurance Agency

Published April 29, 2022