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Starting a business in Texas

There are so many things to know and think about if you are planning to start a new business in Texas. What should I call my business? What type of business should I form? Should it be a sole proprietor, an LLC or should you incorporate? What about insurance? What about accounting? Who and when should you hire? Do you need any permits or special license?

Ok now that your head is spinning where do you begin? Start with the little things first. Start with what is easiest and work your way out. I know this sounds simple. Begin by thinking of starting a buiness as one small task at a time. Start with something simple like "do you need a special license or permit" to start your business? I am not going to solve all these issues for you in this blog. I wish I could. As a business owner, I have started several businesses over the past 30 years. I currently run two Texas insurance agencies. I know the idea of starting a new business can be overwhelming. What I would like to do, is point you in one good direction to start.

Specifically, I want to show you what the State of Texas has available to help you on this journey. Check out the Office of the Governor, Texas Economic Development & Tourism. They have a free guide which is a great resource for anyone wanting to start a business in Texas. The guide offers information on license and permits for over 300 business types. The guide also has direct links to state agencies and resources that can help with permitting needs.

You can download this free guide for 2022. Just Click Here

Specific licensing and permitting questions may be directed to the Business Permits Office, or you may contact the Governor's Office of Small Business Assistance at

Once you get your business plan down and are ready to start your journey as a business owner, give us a call for insurance advice. Carter's Insurance has been serving Texans for over 45 years. We can help you solve the insurance aspect of your new business affordably.

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Written by Eddie Carter, Managing Partner
Carter's Insurance Agency

Published January 5, 2022

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