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Who doesn't love Bread? 

Thanksgiving 2020 I offered to make home made dinner rolls for the family. It had been years since I made bread from scratch. My efforts were horrible and the dinner rolls were nothing more than hockey pucks. I knew I could do better. I had done better in the past. I was determined to redeem myself. Where do you go to learn about anything these days? YouTube of course. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas 2019 I started cranking out regular home made bread and in January of 2021 I made my first sourdough bread. 

Today I have a sourdough starter that is almost a year old and I have probably made more than 30 loaves of sourdough bread which is now my favorite to make. If you're looking for a simple home made yeasted loaf of bread for the holidays try this one by Bake with Jack.  #bakewithjack is where I learned to make bread again.  His videos on YouTube are easy to follow and fool proof. 

From Bake With Jack....

This recipe will make 2 Loaves. I would always recommend making two because it’s the same amount of work and double the shaping practice and you can always freeze one if you won’t eat it in time. If you prefer to make a single loaf, halve all the ingredients and you’ll be just fine.

 The tins I use here are 2lb Loaf Tins: Base 10cm x 16.5cm Top 13cm x 20cm Height 9cm

Difficulty: Easy, a good place to start.

My Kitchen Temperature: 21°C/70°F

Start to finish:  3 hours 45 minutes plus cooling time

Watch this recipe in full: Simple Loaf Tutorial Video, Start to Finish


640g      Room temperature water

 24g        Fresh yeast or 14g dry yeast

 1000g    Strong white bread flour

 16g        Salt

 30g        Olive Oil

Try your hand and let me know what you made and how it worked out. If you want to make a sourdough, feel free to reach out to me and I will give you a starter to make the process faster for you. 

Merry Christmas !

by Eddie Carter, Managing Partner
Carter's Insurance Agency

Published December 20, 2021 

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